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Unqualified beauticians & unprofessional members of senior management left me upset & victimised when I recently visited for a simple eyebrow tidy.

The "so called" beautician in question literally butchered one of my brows & when I tried to explain that my brows were no longer the same shape or thickness I was told that it was.

I was horrified by how uneven my (once thick & busy) eyebrows had become & asked to speak to the manager Sara. She didn't even have the courtesy to come over & look for herself. She shouted across the salon to me & said that I should have told the beautician what I wanted. I informed her that I simply asked for a tidy up & after having been a loyal customer for over 6 years, expected her to understand what that meant & even if she was uncertain, to show me in the handheld mirror what she was doing.

The manager then told her to tint my eyebrows so that they would look a similar shape. She didn't ask whether I wanted tint on my brows & given that I was going back to work & was visiting in my lunch hour, this was not a convenient time to have this done. She just said that that's all they could do. No apology, no empathy & no professionalism was shown by either member of staff. The worst of it was that she still attempted to charge me even after everything that had happened & how embarrassing it had been for me in front of all the other customers.

I simply said that I would not be intending to pay for such a poor experience nor would I be returning to a salon which likes to experiment on its customers. There is nothing professional about this salon! STEER CLEAR!!!!!!   23-07-17
Tags: Terrible experience